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hi. migrating my instance, and this instance is pretty nice.

the google-to-hitler pipeline of apologism

Treebird is the fastest dynamic website I've used in a long time. how is PleromaFE so bad it can no longer be used if you get like 5 notifications from a 100+ mention hellthread, with most of the mentions hidden, yet I can browse all of them in full length and it's still incredibly fast on Treebird?

My ex-wife continues war of words against Vancouver Mayor - Business in Vancouver

screenshot of a news item about my ex-wife

Navigating bureaucracy is a skill that humans were never meant to have. It is unnatural.


@Moon @disarray fully agreed

@disarray You can't do anything about that. Just don't make excuses for why it can't be done. Not saying you decide to go. Just don't do negative bullshit to yourself and irrationallly talk yourself out of it.

@lanodan @straw I guess GitHub found a way to monetize without malware but by standard corpoevil

@lanodan @profile/fu@libranet.de a lot of software chooses to be on SourceForge, and I have no clue why. at least GitHub isn't malware, even if evil...

@Hyolobrika using treebased isn't suffering but using copebox sure is

@imposter this feels like a fever dream repeating itself over and over again

better anyway

@Hyolobrika you're doing a good enough job of making a fool of yourself by seething at a random post lol

sensitive media

@Hyolobrika lol ok dumbass

nsfw, cursed

[Br]eaking [Ba]lls

I literally cannot access my own Pleroma instance anymore because of PleromaFE, help?