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This is your friendly daily reminder to never use Google Fucking Chrome for anything ever. I'M AN ADVERTISING PLATFORM!

@22goingon23 based chromium enjoyers

@22goingon23 I wouldn't use it at all if some websites weren't just completely broken in Firefox

@schratze @22goingon23 let them break

call their landline and let out your inner boomer

@22goingon23 ok cool except firefox (the only alternative) is shit and just gets worse every update, chromium is also shit but it's slightly less so

@apophis @22goingon23 duckduckgo landline numbers for every single jitsi operator

@schratze @22goingon23 ........

i'll just ask them to use zoom

@schratze @apophis @22goingon23 Jisti runs fine for me in firefox 02think

@Nikurasukun it doesn't let me choose input devices at all so I can never turn on my microphone

@schratze @Nikurasukun come to think of it that’s actually also the only problem i’ve had with it

except my OS on this computer doesn’t seem to register any microphone ever either akko_badday

…but given how i feel about my own voice i consider all of this a bonus feature really

@schratze When it asks for the permission for the microphone I can choose my device through a drop down in that window.
But yeah, it isn't possible in the UI of jitsi itself.

@schratze At least on my Linux machine at home, on my macBook at work it selects the default input device, when I change that and reload the page, the device for jitsi is also changed

@Nikurasukun yeah for me it just straight up doesn't work in Firefox whereas ungoogled chromium lets me select my audio devices without any issues

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@itzzenxx @22goingon23 even more based ungoogled chromium enjoyers

@mother @22goingon23 ungoogled chromium is actually worse than chromium, the devs do not care about anything and they just want to remove anything with "Google" in the name.

All ungoogled binaries are development builds, they use GCC, all of this breaks some security features and ruins performance of chromium.

@mangeurdenuage @22goingon23
Chrome ceased to be open source?

@CapitalB @22goingon23
Google chrome is proprietary.
Chromium is open source under permissive license thus it authorize third parties to compile it under a proprietary license.

And besides that it has licensing issues.

And besides that it does things without asking you and let website access your data.
Video related

@mangeurdenuage @22goingon23 So BSD is proprietary?

@chjara @22goingon23 I still wonder how mozilla came to become so pathetic

@meeper @chjara @22goingon23 They ousted Eich in a poorly considered purge and middle management rot took hold of the entire company. Oh well, at least they sponsored Rust :^)

@meeper @chjara @22goingon23 Also people don't like admitting this, but in many ways, Chromium is simply the better designed and better considered browser. Any OpenBSD developer could tell you that without a seconds thought.

@itzzenxx @22goingon23 Why am I reading this *now* and not 2 weeks ago? disbelief


@itzzenxx so perhaps if I were to patch chromium source myself using (maybe not all of) the ungoogled patches?

I'm pretty sure the point of ungoogled is to stop Chromium from phoning home (to google)

@itzzenxx thoughts on qutebrowser?

@itzzenxx incidentally a lot of free software folks feel like chromium is kind of sketchy, since historically they've (accidentally?) included binaries in the source. Thoughts on this?

@egg I don't even think they do that in chromium anyways, not as much as Google chrome. And you can easily disable it through settings or the flags IIRC.

Some of the features they disable are just because it has "Google" in the name, when it's actually something that breaks security once removed.

@egg I don't know much about this.


yeah I think they say in their repos that most of their stuff is to provide binaries that have all spyware features in Chromium disabled by default

incidentally, OpenBSD has iridium and chromium both in their repos, and iridium keeps crashing for me for some reason, while chromium runs smooth as butter, so there's probably a lot to what you're saying tbh

if you're not in the know iridium is *very* similar to ungoogled chromium, but it's its own patchset, and ungoogled borrows some from them and has contributed some to them


yeah it's mostly among the linux-libre crowd: Parabola, Purism, Trisquel and the like.

my hunch is the Chromium devs forgot to delete a binary from one of their source tarballs once and the GNU/FSF people freaked out or something

@egg I see.

@egg I feel many people from that community freak out about anything that's a close source binary lol


oh they're worried about the licensing on firefox even

they patch out all branding and replace it with their own ("iceweasel", "purebrowser", "icecat") because the fox logo etc. are copyrighted. Granted, there was that whole issue with Debian...